A Typical Day in the Life

It’s Thursday! Today is the day when Year 5 is allowed to play football from 8.30am until 9.00am and a game is already under way. At 8.55 the whistle goes, the football is put away and we line up. The best line gets a star and if we get enough stars we get some extra playtime!

After registration we start our lessons. Maths is first and we are soon working on our mental maths. Time flies and it is snack break and playtime.

Music in the Hall is next. This is great fun as we are learning to play the ukulele! We all have one each to play, and some of my friends definitely need the practise!  After music we go back to our classroom where we settle down to our English lesson. This is one of my best lessons.

Soon it is lunch time. We wash our hands and line up. Today is roast chicken and it is great. The dessert is banoffe pie - fantastic! Lunch time finishes at 1.45pm.

On Thursday afternoons we go up to the Senior School for ICT and DT lessons. It takes about 10 minutes to walk there. I am hoping to go to The Senior School so having lessons there is really good as I can see what it is like.

At the end of the lessons we take the school minibus back to Morley House. I have fitness club tonight in the school hall. It’s a tiring day, but a really fun one!