Please contact our Admissions Officer on 01273 472634 to register for the Entrance Examination on November 25th 2017 or to book a tour of the school and to meet the Headmaster. 

At Lewes Old Grammar School, we are always happy to welcome prospective pupils with their parents to make an exploratory visit and to meet the Headmaster. A visit gives both the parents and the prospective pupil a chance to see the school in action, and to discuss any issues relating to school life.

We request that pupils above Year 2 sit entry assessments as part of our admissions procedures. However, our school is not an examination factory selecting only the most academic. The purpose of the entry assessments is to enable us to gauge the prospective student’s current academic standards, and, perhaps more importantly, to try to assess their academic potential. We select pupils who we think will benefit from attending our school, and who will enjoy studying our curriculum whatever their background