Severe Weather Policy


By 6.30am the Headmaster will have heard from the coach companies whether, in their view, it is inadvisable to run the coaches in the light of existing weather conditions.

The Headmaster will make a decision as to whether to close the school in the light of the recommendations of the coach companies. 

If the coach companies advise that prevailing conditions east and west of Lewes preclude running coaches, then the Head will close the school for the day. 

The Headmaster will advise the Leadership Team and the Head of Morley House.

The Headmaster will telephone :

• Heart FM and Southern Counties Radio
• The Chairman of the PTA
• The Network Manager
• Headmaster’s PA (who will answer the school office telephone as soon as is possible).

The radio stations will be asked to broadcast the message that the school is closed.

The School will post an emergency closure notice on the school website.

The Headmaster will notify staff that the school is closed, using a chain phone message.