Senior School

Please contact the Admissions Officer on 01273472634 to register for the Entrance Examination on November 25th 2017. 

Lewes Old Grammar School is a nurturing and trusting community where we place emphasis on encouraging each child to meet his or her potential.

When pupils join the Senior School in Year 7, they are beginning a journey that will lead them to their final qualifications.  We all know the importance of excellent qualifications. They give us choices in life: they are the passports to a career, but by themselves they do not define success.

Our staff and pupils work very hard together to ensure strong academic results, but of equal importance is that the pupils who come through our school are well-mannered, kind and considerate to those around them.  Individuals are taught that they should see themselves as being members of a community which cares and provides for them and they in turn have a responsibility to contribute to the well-being and progress of the school community as a whole.