Entry at 11 +

The main point of entry to the Senior School is at Year 7. Registered pupils are invited to attend our Entrance Examination in November. Pupils are encouraged to bring in samples of work that they are proud of in subjects that they are particularly interested in.

During the course of the morning pupils are assessed and then interviewed. The 11+ Entrance Examinations consists of two papers each lasting an hour, in Maths and English, and a Verbal Reasoning paper. Following the exams, the Headmaster, or another senior member of staff, will interview each prospective pupil.

Occasionally pupils can join the school in Year 8 where similar assessments are set (12+).

Please contact the Admissions Officer on 01273472634 to register for the Entrance Examination on November 25th 2017. 

Entry at 13+

Pupils entering at this stage are, in the main, candidates from Prep Schools and are therefore offering Common Entrance (CE) and Common Academic Scholarship (CAS). As the number of places offered is limited, those intending to apply should ideally register two years in advance so that we can advise on likely availability. Those sitting CE and CAS for Lewes Old Grammar School will also sit the school’s
Year 9 entry tests, alongside other prospective pupils wishing to join Year 9, in the November of their final year at Prep School.

As a general guideline, to secure a place, pupils should achieve 50% + in both Mathematics and English. However this may be waivered for those pupils who can demonstrate a particular strength in one or more areas.