Villarreal Football Trip 2017

Fri, 23/06/2017 - 12:46 -- baigente

After such a positive, rewarding and fun filled trip to FC Porto last year, we decided to continue the football tour. This time to Spain to train with Villarreal FC.

Proving to be very popular last year, we increased the numbers of the trip-inviting year 8 and year 9 students again.

In total 38 students attended the football trip for LOGS.

The students mainly trained at the Villarreal CF training facility where both first team and B team player’s train. The facilities included two full sized Astro turf pitches, three smaller astro pitches, two grass pitches and a football pitch with a mini stadium built around. They also had many changing rooms where the students could change and shower. All morning training sessions took place here with the Villarreal coaches.

In the evening when the weather was a bit cooler, we played fixtures on Tuesday and Wednesday. In total, we had three teams that all had two fixtures!
We played full 11aside games, and all games required a transfer to the Spanish opposition’s stadium.
Playing local Spanish opposition, we were always going to have a hard task as they play and train at least 3 times a week together.
Over the two evening games the U13 team lost 0-3 and 1-2. The U14 team lost 0-6 and won 5-0. The mixed team of U13 & U14 lost 0-4 and 0-15 struggling to score a single goal. The students seemed to enjoy the fixtures and although we only won one fixture, the games were much closer than the scores reflect.
We even had one team in the stands signing and fully supporting our other LOGS team. It was a great atmosphere.

During the trip, students also had a stadium tour booked in. As the stadium at Villarreal is currently under maintenance with a bit of haggling, we managed to have a quick stadium tour of Estadio de la Cerámica and club shop, but also a stadium tour of Valencia’s stadium, Mestalla Stadium. As the Ceramica tour was limited, we had a detailed tour of Valencia’s Mestallas stadium instea.  This gave us access to the pitch, Home and Away changing areas, pressroom, trophy cabinet, executive suits and behind the scenes tour.

After the morning training session’s students also had the chance to go to the beach or hotel pool area. This was a popular activity, especially after a couple hours in the hot Spanish sun!

Overall, I have had positive feedback from the students. The fixtures in particular were very enjoyable, as well as the stadium tour. We were lucky to have a fantastic location and facilities to use. To be so close to the beach and use the pool, was a lovely relaxing way to cool down before the evening fixtures.

Although it was hard work to organise this trip, it was well worth it and a pleasure to see our students enjoy themselves and enjoy football.

Photos can be viewed accessed via

M Heywood.